Several of the paintings exhibited in Looking for Painting in ROM8 in september, are  currently on display at Galleri SE in Bergen as part of  the group show 11. Afterwards they will remain on display during the exhibition of Yuko Sakurai until 27th of november.

My book Looking for Painting / Att synliggöra det synliga, (Swedish for ‘Making the visible visible), has now been published by khib (Bergen National Academy of the Arts). It will be launched on the 3rd of september.

It contains text in english and swedish ( translated by Steven Cuzner).
You can order it from Looking for Painting / Att synliggöra det synliga. (Swedish for ‘Making the visible visible) or by sending me an email, patrik [at], or download the pdf. (Without the black and silver cover).

The exhibition Looking for Painting opens in Bergen on the 3rd of september at 15.00 in ROM8 (Vaskerelven 8).
This exhibition is the official artistic result of my fellowship project.

In an additional venue, I will also show some  supplementory material in Prosjekthallen / The Artacademy, C. Sundtsgate 53. This will be a selection of other works I have made during the fellowship period, some documentation of experiment and different kinds of projects as well as sketches and prototypes that may shed a broader light on my doings during the fellowshiop period.

More info aboutthe exhibition at khib website, here.

Since 2007, I have been working from my studio in Bergen on a series of paintings using only one image source to paint from. I have been monitoring and collecting images from a webcam placed in Atka Bay on Antarctica. The camera is maintained by climate researchers on the German research station Neumayer. The image shows a vast and deserted landscape of ice, from which one can observe shifts in the landscape, as the picture is updated once every ten minutes. It is a detail of an image which is hardly an image at all. Many days are foggy and show slight shifts in scales of grey, while during all the hours of darkness, one can discern little more than some very slight variations of stripes across the screen, where the camera cannot transmit an image of the landscape. When it is winter here in Bergen it is summer in Atka Bay, and you can see the brim of the ice by the ocean quite near the webcam. Glacial mountains pop up in picture after picture of endless light where the sun never sets. When it is summer here, the deep darkness of winter prevails on Antarctica and at best, there is a faint grey light in the middle of the day. The weather, light and quality of the images vary. Hardly anything happens and yet something is always happening.

I have been watching webcams from around the world for a long time and found it fascinating to be able to travel with my gaze from place to place. To regard a distant landscape from a webcam on your computer screen, evokes in you a vague sense of being where you are not. There is something riveting about the possibility – to immerse oneself in the landscape being beamed from such an inhospitable location as Antarctica, meanwhile being engaged in something which today is entirely mundane and not the slightest bit spectacular. Pretty much any destination in the world is reachable via online cameras and simultaneously possible to locate on Google Earth maps. You can watch the sun rise over Mount Fuji at the same time as it is setting behind the silhouette of Montreal’s skyline. A succinct sensation of simultaneity in a world where everything is in constant flux. In spite of all the available possibilities to navigate across the world, I have for some reason become entrapped by the webcam placed at the Neumayer Station and can not stop watching it. The distance to the South Pole with its opposite seasons, in regards to my studio, the vast uneventful nature of this virgin wilderness, the limited information supplied by the little framed image, and a strange sensation of belonging, or proximity to the deserted landscape fascinates me, and keeps me returning to this image daily.

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Here I was in the beginning of my fellowship, after a writing course teaching me how to develop a written critical reflection to supplement my artistic practice in the fellowship. This is now coming to its end, and I will present my artistic result in an exhibition in Bergen in september.

Noise 12 March 2010 at 1.55 PM

In studio winter 2009-2010 during work with fast made oilpaintings with brushes on long shafts and painted on boards laying on the floor

Painting titled: 11 Aug 2009 at 6.45 AM

A typical view from Neumayer webcam, though its leaning to left and has done so the last two months.

Oilpaint and beeswax on mdf board. 56 x 122 cm each